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2010 Gardenia jasminoides ' Vetchii ' in bloom on my backporch

Gardenia jasminoides 'Vetchii' in bloom on my backporch.

Frostproof gardenia variety

Frostproof gardenia variety.

Mystery gardenia variety

Mystery gardenia variety.

Troubleshooting Gardenias

Symptoms Possible Causes Remedies
Yellowing leaves Alkaline soil or water, chlorosis due to trace element deficiency, underwatering, overwatering, insect pests  Use clean rainwater, distilled water, or add 2 tsp of vinegar/gallon of hard tap water, use acidic fertilizer with chelated trace elements, keep soil evenly moist, check for pests and eliminate
Flower buds fall off Temperature too warm, acclimation, low light, low humidity, underwatering Lower room temperature, move to brighter area, buy humidifier to increase humidity, keep soil thoroughly moist.
Leaves fall off Environmental or transplant shock, insect pests Avoid warm and cold drafts and sudden changes in environment.When transplanting gardenias, disturb roots as little as possible. Don't let delicate roots dry out. Keep a spray bottle handy with warm water. Check for pests and eliminate.
Malformed buds Temperature too warm, insect attack Lower room temperature, check for pests and eliminate
Bleached leaves Light intensity too strong Avoid hot afternoon sun, increase distance from high intensity lights.
Stunted growth Cramped roots, environmental shock, insect pests Check rootball, keep growing conditions as stable as possible, inspect plant for pests
Brown spots on leaves Leaf spot disease, Anthracnose Use neem oil

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